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Alan Reiach (1910-1992) photographic collection, 1929-1950s. Reiach was one of Scotland's most celebrated architects. The collection features photographs taken and purchased by Reaich in pursuit of his published surveys of Scottish domestic and international architecture. The collection comprises:
ca.2365 images of Scottish vernacular architecture; the foreign section contains ca.1815 images, notably Germany, Italy, Sweden and Spain, but also images of Greece, Holland, Hungary, Ireland, Norway, Russia (including a le Corbusier envelope containing 7 images), Belgium, Switzerland, North America, France, Finland, Poland and Denmark.

The collection is made up of 120mm photographs, images printed on postcard, cropped images and published postcards. There are also the occasional 120mm photographs joined to make double or even triple images, and even a collage of four images on card.

The Scottish vernacular section contains approximately 2,365 images, almost half being 120mm format. Photographs on postcard represent approximately 968 of the total. Published postcards play a minor role with only 16 in the Scottish collection. Approximately 188 images relate to photographs of various sizes which have been clipped.

The foreign section includes approximately 841 x 120mm images, 505 images on postcard, a large collection of 211 published postcards, and 258 assorted size images, totaling 1815 in drawers (3) and (4). In the foreign section, Germany, Italy, Sweden and Spain are represented by collections of images in excess of 200. In addition, there is also the group of 104 x 120mm images of Scotland (Drawer 3), and Drawer (4), contains 11 British images on postcard in the envelope marked "Foreign Parallels".

Many of the foreign postcards have been written and mailed to Alan Reiach, and others have been sent by the architect to friends in Scotland. The descriptions of cities and travels, plus rough sketches of plans and ideas, enhances the interest of these foreign postcards.
The collection includes a paper list of Scottish vernacular and Foreign surveys.

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ca. 1930 - 1960

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Reiach, Alan Collection


ca.2365 of Scotland|ca.1815 of international sites

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