Document Scotland Photographic Collection

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Document Scotland Photographic Collection
Established in 2012, Document Scotland is a non-political collective of four internationally-acclaimed photographers brought together to explore, record and disseminate the ideas, themes and stories of our nation through photography, as it moves towards the most pivotal moment in its modern history.

The catalyst for the formation of Document Scotland was twofold: firstly, the impending referendum on Independence in September 2014 brought a recognition that this single event will focus much of the world's a attention on Scotland, both in the lead-up and aftermath of the vote and that these events have to be recorded. Whilst the everyday politics of Scotland is interesting and relevant, photographing a broader view of Scotland today is of significant interest not only to audiences in Scotland, but also abroad. The other decisive factor is to set an agenda to encourage, promote and support photography by establishing a
dialogue with photographers, institutions and organisations and to showcase through Document Scotland's website and programme of exhibitions, events and publications, some of the best historical and new photography being made in Scotland and by Scottish photographers.
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