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Identified as a preeminent collection of national importance, the Maitland Dougall material spans several generations of keen photographers and consists of nearly 30 photographic albums, 12 cased images, several loose mounted prints and dozens of family journals. The oldest of the albums, is dated 1848 and was kept by Isabella Maitland, sister of Capt. William Maitland. This album not only contains many images already known to exist in other seminal photographic albums of the time, including prints by several key figures mentioned above, but also an early cyanotype print of feathers reminiscent of the work of Anna Atkins and Sir John Herschel. Interleaved throughout the pages are 33 paper negatives and several pieces of salted paper – the first step of the calotype negative process. The personal journals suggest that Isabella’s husband, Henry King, might have been the more active photographer while she was the keeper of the album, but her role in this social circle cannot be understated.
The daguerreotypes in this collection are also impressive for their quality, size and condition. Scottish daguerreotypes are relatively rare. This collection not only consists of a variety of formats and sizes but many of the sitters are identified and can be tied back to St Andrews as the focal point for the genesis of Scottish Photography. For the most part the images and cases are in excellent condition and three examples are beautifully hand tinted which makes for an extra treat when viewing.
The accompanying albums and prints continue through to the 1940’s and illustrate the development and growth of the photographic medium. A cataloguing schedule is being drafted to put these albums online as soon as possible though our photographic database so they may be better researched and understood in the greater context of the history of photography.


ca. 1842 - 1950


12 Cased Images|26 Albums|13 Groups of loose prints

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