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Swiss Renaissance recipe book.
c.120 recipes in two distinct hands.

Contents: Numerous recipes for eggs including scrambled eggs, omelet, filled eggs, baked eggs, "hard-bitten" eggs etc;
recipes for fish including roasted eel, roasted carp, boiled carp;
Soups inc. milk-soup, a cabbage soup "very useful for your health", pigeon soup, fasting soup;
Meat including roasted capon, roasted veal, roasted calf's liver, roasted goose, fried sausage, sheeps feet, fatty sheep gut, roasted rabbit, roasted chicken, recipes for delicious birds, roasted duck, roasted beef, calves’ kidneys fried, veal (cold dish), different kind of sausages, pheasant, filled breast of veal, calf's head, veal shank, venison, roasted lamb, fried snails, fried small birds, roast snipe;
Pastry with rabbits, mushrooms;
Cakes and Pastries inc. pancake, rose-cake, bread, cooked apple, filled pears, almond-mash, pudding.

Hapsburg double-headed eagle watermark.

Small label "Anno 1625 pro paschate communicavit" pasted to lower corner of last leaf indicating that these were possibly compiled for an Easter Feast.

Binding: Simple blank paper wraps with no evidence of being bound.

Transcription and translation available.

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ca. 1600-1625

Descriptive titles

Swiss Renaissance recipe book, c.120 recipes in two distinct hands.


56 pp

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