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A set of five images sun-printed onto cyanotype (blueprint) paper in July 2004 at Posidonion, on the Island of Samos, birthplace of Pythagoras. The Olympic icon is the obvious leitmotif defining the structure of this set of photograms, but other references may be found to Hellenic culture and environment. Technically innovative in that the photogram extends into the third dimension with none of the objects being pressed flat. The successful sharp images depended on the intense Aegean sun and clear sky and Mike Ware's new version of the cyanotype process, whose higher sensitivity reduced exposure times to about one minute. The pictures are approximately 10x8 inches on 12x10 inch sheets of ‘Buxton’ paper, handmade by Chris Bingham at Ruscombe Mill, Margaux, France.

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Hellenic Impressions 2004
Ware Collection



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