Feeding troughs, Megdale, Langholm, The Scottish Borders, April 2015. From the series Drawn To The Land .

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When I’m in this environment I feel very insignificant, I feel that I’m part of something much bigger, that I’m just here for a very short time.
It’s the opposite of feeling in anyway that I have power over that land. It makes me feel a very small and yet a very integral part of it.

When I’m standing high up on the farm, looking down over it - it’s not exactly a religious feeling, but it’s a very cleansing feeling. I suppose it’s partly because it’s an environment which is so uncomplicated. Then I come back down to life, the complications, of relationships and business and feed costs and health and all those things.

When I’m out on the hill its just me and the landscape
which has been there for millions of years.

Photograph © Sophie Gerrard 2015 all rights reserved.

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April 2015

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© Sophie Gerrard, all rights reserved.


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Image Courtesy of the University of St Andrews Library, ID 2017-2-9

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