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Milne's slides of the Swan Hellenic Art Treasures Tour of Tunisia, from 18 Sept to 2 Oct 1983. Comments by Milne on the history and architecture of the places he was visiting are included in the description of the images. On this trip Milne visits Tunis, Thuburbo Maius, the Great Mosque of Sidi Oqba, Sbeitla, Gafsa, Medenine, Gabes, and Jerba. He admires the mosaic work and the courtyards of mosques commenting on not being able to enter the mosques themselves because a law was passed in 1972 preventing non-muslims from going into the interior. He notes seeing a camel market and a circumcision party commenting that barbers were traditionally responsible for circumsion. He enjoyed the food such as couscous, meats, peppers, pumpkins and dates and spent enjoyable afternoons swimming in the hotel pool.


18 September 1983 - 02 October 1983



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