EK Modernism

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EK Modernism
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  • East Kilbride Modernism
'Sylvia's project addressed how new towns like East Kilbride in Scotland were conceived as a one-stop solution for urban rejuvenation in the early 1950s. These centers were driven by modernist concepts in urban development and social planning. Unlike older urban developments, new towns offered defined social spaces where neighbourhoods were gridded to accommodate schools and shopping centres; where industries were clustered on the town' edge estates; and where local road transportation systems were developed strategically around neighbourhoods to enable safer commuter transit.
East Kilbride is an outstanding example of New Town architecture and represents one of the most comprehensive modernist cities in the UK. Located just 12 miles from Glasgow, it has retained the vision of High Modernist architecture since its inception.

Even though Scottish New Town modernist architecture is less than a half century old, only a few key contemporary buildings are surviving in Scotland today, as most of them have been altered, allowed to fall into disrepair or were redeveloped due to new civic regeneration needs. Remarkably East Kilbride has as a New Town has undergone extremely limited redevelopment over the last 60 years and it was only until recent between 2007-2012 that large parcels of land were assigned for re-development, ending the town's Modernist layout.

Sylvia's project, EK Modernism, was designed to result both in the creation of an image archive of this New Modernist Town landscape as well as a conceptual photo series.'
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2005 - 2007
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