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This series consists of a number of images taken from throughout Dr Brown's Scottish slides, the slides reveal the humor and odd happenings that can be found around the country of Scotland from the Shetland Isles to Whithorn. From a decorated bus stop in Unst to a gravestone as a lighthouse in the Mull of Galoway, from Hundy Mundy near Dunbar to a Greek temple in the Hebrides, Hamish describes an astonishing number of places and objects that are weird, wonderful and sometimes hilarious. What about a rhino on top of a bus stop, a loo flushed by the tides, furniture made of coal, girls dreesing up as Clydesdale horses, a male student parading as a bishop's niece and a milestone with destination 0? All these and other unusual things can be found in this series.


1970 - 2012

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