Miscellaneous photographs of gatherings and events organised by women's groups in Scotland

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This series comprises photographs of various gatherings and events—such as women-only keep-fit sessions, women’s employment and trading fairs, events dedicated to the wellbeing of women, childcare-related sessions, and conferences—organised by women’s organisations in Scotland. These organisations include not only local Women’s Aid Groups but also Edinburgh District Council’s Women’s Committee and its Women’s Unit that existed within local authorities.
Most of the events photographed by Raffles in this miscellaneous series cannot be dated or contextualised by looking only at the images. Further research needs to be carried out with the help of, for instance, Scottish Women's Aid archive at Glasgow Women’s Library and publications by Edinburgh District Council Women's Committee.
Nonetheless, the photographs in this series reveal the landscape of feminist movements and activism in Scotland during the 1980s and the early 1990s brought out by the convergence between activist women’s organisations and the participation of local women.


ca. 1980-1994

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